Thursday, 4 April 2013

Make up work for absentees - 3 April 2013

Most fundamental idea about fractions

1) Fractions show the relationship between the part and the whole.

2)Sharing tasks are beginning steps to development of fractions.

3)Help students to use the words halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, whole, one whole or one.

How to teach equivalent fractions?

We can use the following area models in the teaching of equivalent fractions: 
a) Filling in regions with fraction pieces
b) Grid paper
c) Paper folding
d) Dot paper

Quiz 1

1)Mary had 12 balloons. She gave away 4 balloons. How many balloons did she have left after giving away the 4 balloons?

2) Ahmad's father  has 12 mangoes in his shop. Four mangoes were sold. How many mangoes were not sold? 


1) There are altogether 12 oranges. Mrs Lim has to pack them equally into 4 boxes. How many oranges will there be in each box?  

2) Share 12 toys among 4 children.  How many toys will each child receive?

Ways to find value of 12-7

1) Count down-Using a number line, drawing the arrow backwards from 12 to 7, count the number of spaces.

2)  Set up a stack of 12 cubes. On another set, stack up 7 cubes. Ask the question " how many more cubes do we need to match the 12 cubes?"

3) Draw 12 chairs.  Cross out 7 of them. How may chairs are left not crossed out.

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