Tuesday, 9 April 2013

reflection on differentiated instruction

On the last day of class, I came across Du Four's theory of Professional Learning Community and the factors to consider when planning a lesson plan. As a teacher, it is essential for me to know the learning goal of every lesson, to assess each child and the steps that I can take to help the child when he/she can reach the goal or cannot reach the goal.

For a child who is clueless in their learning, the peers play an important part.  It is important not to isolate the child but to create the opportunity for the child to see his/her friends modelling in their learning. This child nees to be stimulated to enable further brain development.

I would have to identify the children in my class who are the average learners, struggling learners and advance  learners.
I am reminded of how I can assist children in their learning through modelling, scaffolding and allowing children to do things independently. As teachers, we need to cater to  the needs of each child in our classroom.

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